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A Tribute to “Rebel Yell” (1983)


I had heard “White Wedding” by Billy Idol a few times on the radio and wasn’t a big fan. So when the single “Rebel Yell” was released and took the airwaves by storm, I didn’t really give it a fair shot. It was a popular song – I just wasn’t along for the ride.

However, as additional songs from the Rebel Yell album started getting airplay, suddenly I was interested. “Eyes Without a Face”…“Flesh for Fantasy”…these were great songs that sounded kind of rock, kind of new wave. Then I heard the unreleased songs on the album and was even more impressed. The best part of each song was the guitar work. Sure, Billy had a distinctive voice and style. But Steve Stevens on lead guitar was truly amazing. Rebel Yell went on to sell 2 million albums in the US (it seems like it should have been more than that, doesn’t it?) and continues to be played regularly on the radio.

Every album in the history of music has a few songs or more that would be considered “filler material”. In my humble opinion, Rebel Yell only has two throwaway songs – “Daytime Drama” and “The Dead Next Door”. The rest of the album consists of amazing rock songs with a tinge of  new wave influence. And the track order of six awesome songs in a row is tough to beat in the annals of music history (I don’t have the research to back up this “annals of music history” claim…just let me have this one).

  1. Eyes Without a Face
  2. Blue Highway
  3. Flesh For Fantasy
  4. Catch My Fall
  5. Crank Call
  6. (Do Not) Stand in the Shadows

So, in your spare time, give Rebel Yell another listen. You’ll be happy you did. Here’s one of its best songs:

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