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KISS and “Kids Are People Too” (1980)

KISS was at the height of their popularity in 1980. One of their founding members, drummer Peter Criss, had announced he was leaving the band to get married. An exhaustive search was conducted to find his replacement. In an event that almost seems surreal, they formally introduced their new drummer on the TV show Kids Are People Too. The new drummer, Eric Carr, came onstage as The Fox, his new persona.

Kids are People Too lasted 4 seasons, from 1978 to 1982. It aired on Sunday mornings. It was a variety show for kids, and included celebrity interviews, psychologists talking about growing up, and musical and comedy acts. Somehow they convinced one of the biggest rock bands in the world to make a major announcement on their show.

This would be the equivalent of Metallica deciding to announce a new band member on the Disney Channel.

The interview below is quite entertaining. You can tell KISS band members are trying their best to be kid-appropriate (a lot of “don’t try this at home” comments). A couple of nuggets: they spent $60,000 on their costumes, and make-up takes an hour to complete properly.

[This is an appropriate time to admit that KISS Alive II was the first album I ever purchased with my own money from a schoolmate. I enjoyed it thoroughly – until the moment my Mom heard “Hotter Than Hell” coming from the record player. I was strongly encouraged to return the album and get my money back. I haven’t owned anything KISS-related since.]

Here’s the segment from Kids Are People Too when The Fox is introduced for the first time:

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