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An Ant Named Adam

What’s your memory of Adam Ant in the 80s? Did you know his band Adam and the Ants had 7 singles in the UK Top 40 in 1981? And that they sold over 15 million albums? Do your remember that Adam left his Ant buddies behind in ’82 and ventured on a solo career as Adam Ant?

Back then all I knew about Adam Ant was his hit song “Goody Two Shoes”. It had a catchy tune and some great sounding horns.

There were rumors that Adam’s most popular song was actually about himself. Apparently Mr. Ant (do you think he prefers this over his given name Stuart?) decided early on that he would avoid drugs, smokes, and alcohol. His hero growing up was Muhammad Ali, who inspired him to always strive to be at the top of his game. That meant living a substance-free lifestyle. Journalists would frequently question him about this life choice. “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?” The song was his defiant response.

Goody Two Shoes was a sort of answer back manifesto and just trying to keep things level-headed because I felt that, and still do, to a degree, that going on stage is creating an illusion. It’s magical and it’s wonderful and I love doing it, but off stage there has to be time out.”

What?!?!? Come to think of it, that answer makes it sound like he’s jacked up on something. Maybe Adam’s version of being clean is different than mine… Oh well, let’s keep the rumor alive…here’s that famous autobiographical song: 

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