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8 Raisinettes About The California Raisins (1986)


1. The lead singer of The California Raisins, Buddy Miles, previously performed with Jimmy Hendrix and Santana.

2. The California Raisins idea was hatched when one of the writers for the California Raisin Advisory Board (which has to be a great gig) said, “We have tried everything but dancing raisins singing “‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’”.

3. They appeared in two television specials, a cartoon series, and a music album.

4. In 1988 The California Raisins grossed more than California farmers made selling actual raisins.

5. The Raisins designer, Will Vinton, created the Claymation animation process.

6. Raisin merchandise included a sleeping bag, air fresheners, finger puppets, and a Halloween costume.

7. Commercials featured Ray Charles and a Michael Jackson caricature.

8. Items for the campaign are housed at the Smithsonian Institute.

Here’s some of their famous commercials:

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