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May I Introduce You to the CD Player? (1982)

Technology took some leaps and bounds during the 80s. One of my favorite leaps was the CD player. It seems like every audio medium before had major drawbacks. Vinyl records were easy to scratch and they wore out over time. Cassette tapes took too long to fast forward or rewind. And when they unraveled they were useless. 8-tracks may have been the worst invention in the last 50 years. So the world had reason to rejoice when the CD player was introduced.

8 facts about the CD Player:

  • Phillips began working on the CD concept in the early 70s. They pitched the product idea and potential partnership to several Japanese companies. Sony was the first to say yes.
  • The CD player combined two cutting-edge technologies: the laser and the digital computer.
  • The compact disc size (12 cm) was chosen specifically to fit 74 minutes of audio, long enough to contain Beethoven’s “Symphony #9 in D Minor” in its entirety.
  • Sony released the first commercial CD player on October 1, 1982. It retailed for $674.
  • The initial compact discs available included Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, and Journey. They started at $14.
  • The competition heated up very quickly. Within six months 10 other companies released their own CD players.
  • Sony introduced the first in-car CD player in 1984.
  • It took five years for the CD player to replace the record player as the home audio medium of choice.

80s technology – pretty awesome!

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