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Upon Further Review…The Cure

Musically speaking, I’ve been stuck in the 80s since….the 80s. The Decade of Awesome clearly is the golden age of music. No other decade comes close.

More recently, I’ve discovered my taste for good, sometimes great, 80s music has expanded. Songs from bands that I used to dislike are now some of my favorites. To put it differently, more songs and bands fit under the tent. This is largely due to my wife’s gentle yet persuasive influence.

So, for the first edition of “Upon Further Review”, I present to you…The Cure!

The 16 year-old me hated everything about The Cure. Now, I think they are amazing!

Close to Me” was included in their 1985 album Head in the Door. This album brought the band their first commercial success in the States (Gold status).

Give it a listen, and reconsider The Cure if you must. Joyful smiles all around!

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