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Is This the Best Concert Movie Ever?


Stop Making Sense, a concert movie from The Talking Heads in 1983, might be one of the best concert movies ever filmed. Here are some interesting facts about the movie:

  • The movie was filmed over three consecutive nights from concerts in Hollywood.
  • With each successive song, a new band member appears on stage. The band added extra percussion, keyboards and guitar especially for this project.
  • Band members took out a loan from Warner Brothers to pay for the movie to be made.
  • The Talking Heads decided to have the movie play in small college theaters and art houses instead of a traditional wide-release.
  • David Byrne, lead singer, wanted band members to wear neutral colors so nobody would stand out too much. He then decided to wear a progressively larger suit that may or may not have stood out too much.
  • How much direction did the band receive from the director? “Don’t look at the camera, and for God’s sake, don’t pick your nose!”
  • One of their goals was to make the movie the opposite of what fans were seeing on MTV. There were long close-ups of band-members’ faces; dramatic lighting was used to exaggerate the choreography; and the audience was barely shown.
  • David Byrne’s dance skills are off-the-charts! Simply awesome!!

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