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The Outfield – Josie and So Much More


“Your Love”, a song by a new British band, was on the radio often. They were going to be the opening act for Journey on an upcoming tour. I wanted to go but couldn’t afford the ridiculously priced concert ticket ($25?!?!?!). A few friends ended up going and said The Outfield put on a good show “for a warm-up band”. Soon after, my brother bought their album, Play Deep and it stayed in my level of awareness for a year or so. Then, nothing.

The Outfield ended up selling over 3 million albums in the US. But if you asked the average music fan about The Outfield, you would likely get “Josie’s on a vacation far away” and then…nothing.

Play Deep (1985) is a surprisingly great album. It has way more to offer than just “Your Love”. In fact, that’s probably the sixth or seventh best song on the album.

The late John Spinks, founding member and bass player/lyricist for The Outfield, said this in a 1986 interview:

”I can write a pretty melody. That takes some talent. It may not be complicated and maybe it doesn’t challenge anybody, but so what? Some people obviously like it. We’re not a political band. We’re not trying to put across any deep ideas about changing the world. You don’t have to analyze my lyrics to understand them. You enjoy these songs or you don’t. You can put these songs on while you’re driving. They make you feel good. What more can you ask?’’


Indeed. What more can you ask? Have a listen to my favorite song on Play Deep, “I Don’t Need Her”:


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