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Decade of Awesome is a site devoted to the best decade of anyone’s lifetime, the 1980s!

We’ll spend some time looking back at the best of music, movies, TV, and anything else that happened in the 80s that’s worth remembering.

From our contributors:



I never had the hair to be a rock star, and probably would have looked odd wearing leather pants. But I could lip sync and play air guitar with the best of them. 80s music and movies – get ready to be celebrated!

Favorite 80s bands – Styx, Saga, Night Ranger

Favorite 80s movies – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Strange Brew, Christmas Vacation

Dan Stagg



I remember some of the 80s. If I wasn’t playing sports back then, I was watching TV. Those areas will be my focus for Decade of Awesome.


Favorite 80s sports memories –  1984 Olympics, Steelers, and 76ers

Favorite 80s TV shows – Family Ties, A-Team, General Hospital

Rich Yauney



While I didn’t quite have the same lifestyle of the original Material Girl, I have to admit the bright shiny things of the 80s caught my young eye. So let’s put on our grape-flavored BonneBell Lip Smackers and take a look back at the most awesome toys, tech, and cars of the 80s.

Favorite 80s car – 1987 BMW 325i

Favorite 80s tech – Sony Walkman

Favorite 80s movies – Pretty in Pink, Return from Snowy River

Sydney Avery

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